SugaPay is a convenient, integrated electronic payment system that is designed to fit your needs.

Like, all of your needs.
Like top up your phone credit, collect payments from customers, go on a shopping spree, send money to family, manage your money better.

Manage your money.

With our mobile app your bank account is now in your pocket, allowing you to check balances, send and receive money from anyone at anytime, and a whole lot more.

SugaPay mobile app

Safer than cash.

Load your card for use either via a participating bank or at the growing number of acceptance outlets and avoid the hassle of finding exact change or accumulating mountains of coins that fall by the wayside.

SugaPay card

Accept payments. Anywhere. And anytime.

You no longer need to be tied to your counter or cash register to receive payments from your customers. Bring greater value and mobile payment convenience to your business with a SugaCUBE point-of-sale system.

SugaPay on point-of-sale

Make payments and withdrawals. Fast.

Powered by the Caribbean's most modern and multiple-channel payment platform, we remove the hassle of lines, lengthy sign-ups & approvals, as well as high processing fees.

SugaPay on ATM


Sweeter by the second

Backed by a world-class processing centre and a reputable Caribbean bank, we're bringing some of the best features of technology, service and support right to you.


Whether for business or personal needs, we have solutions that scale.


Benefit from decades of knowledge, investment and experience in fintech.


Bridging the gap between old, trusted methods and new, cutting-edge systems.


Warm and approachable just like our many regional customers.


Rock-solid support and technologies to provide 24/7 peace of mind.


Designed from the ground up and constantly being improved to keep you safe.

Coming soon

Stay sweet

Interested? Of course you are. We would be too.
Keep up-to-date as we gear up for a September 2019 launch.