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What is SugaPay

SugaPay is the sweetest way to conduct business and commerce in Antigua & Barbuda and the wider Caribbean region.  It is the newest electronic financial transaction (EFT) solution designed to address the demands for transacting and capturing payments from emerging markets in a secure and cost-efficient manner.

What’s really sweet is that any and everyone (certain conditions will apply) can participate in this convenient and exciting service.   Our safe and secure approach to commerce allows cardholders to replace the risk of carrying cash just to make purchases at the gas station, pay the bus or taxi driver, buy snacks from the tray lady or the bar on the corner…  the options are countless.

You can also use the card at identified restaurants, stores and even at participating online web-stores or services including government services and statutory corporations.  And to add to it, you may earn loyalty points as you go that will be redeemable at a plethora of participating outlets.

For those who want to accept payments via the card, we also have you covered.  Using the first and only mobile device enabled card acceptance unit in the region, the SugarCUBE, authorized merchants can accept SugaPay cards (and other card payments) from a mobile device (phone or tablet) initially available for Android based devices with applications for IOS and Blackberry coming very soon.

SugaPay will soon be available. Click here to Pre-Register today.