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SugaPay… the sweetest way to pay!

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Why SugaPay

Safer Than Cash

Remove the safety issues associated with keeping too much cash around.  Load your card for use either via a participating bank or at the growing number of acceptance outlets and avoid the hassle of finding exact change or accumulating mountains of coins that fall by the way-side.

Available to Everyone

There are no credit checks necessary to obtain a card, as you can only utilize what you have loaded to  your stored value account, and, from this balance, payments are easily made to participating merchants and/or to other SugaPay cardholders. In addition, you may opt to be notified of each transaction by SMS (text message) or email which can include your newly updated account balance. Gaining a card is even simpler than A, B, C.  Contact Us for an authorized card issuing partner near you.

Manage Your Funds Online or on your Mobile Device

At your option, you may associate your card with an online portal designed for the self management of this and other accounts. This Card Holder Portal allows you to view balance information, transaction activity, drill down on transaction details, transfer value and much more. For additional convenience this functionality is also made available on your mobile phone. Contact us for more details.

Extensive Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Protective Tools

Password protect your account and utilize our PIN based security service to ensure that only you have access to your card activities. You can even add the option of gaining transaction alerts by email or SMS for each and every transaction so you know at all times exactly when your card is being used. In the event of losing your card or experience some unforeseen issue with your account, you have the comfort of knowing that this card is not connected to your main bank or credit union account, and financial liability cannot be more than the stored value.

Why SugaCUBE mPOS?

Highly Secure

In addition to being completely PCIDSS and PADSS compliant, the SugarCUBE systems utilize multifactor authentication and ensures that no card details are stored on the mobile device.

Lowest Cost POS

There is no lower cost method of accepting Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) payments in the region. Technically, all you need is a (data enabled) mobile device and our SugaCUBE terminal device system to start accepting payments. Get started today.

Unrivaled Mobility

Accept payments anywhere and at anytime. No longer do you need to be tied to your desk our cash register. Bring greater value and mobile payment convenience to your business with a SugaCUBE.

Quick Settlement

Successful Transactions completed on the SugarCUBE system are settled much faster than those for branded cards, and even faster than cheques. Talk to us or your bank about the shortest settlement cycles around.