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SugaPay Sponsors Sailing Week


Antigua Sailing Week adopts SugaPay – the Sweetest Way to Pay

“SugaPay”, an Antiguan designed alternative payment system, is identified as “the Official Way to Pay” during the 2014 Antigua Sailing Week events and activities. The payment platform, which is powered by Global Processing Centre Ltd., located on Old Parham Road, and SugaPay Limited, was first introduced as a payment system during the 2013 Caribbean Premier League (CPL) cricket tournament.   SugaPay marries a local payment card with the cardholder’s cell phone, and offers more convenient cashless payment options for card holders and merchants.  The SugaPay payment solution has  developed significantly since its CPL  pilot back in August 2013 and can now operate on all major mobile operating systems and phones such as BlackBerry, Apple, Windows and Android.  SugaPay’s management is excited about its collaboration with the Antigua Sailing Week for the full launch of the payment solution.

“We look forward to working with all of the official venues, restaurants, bars, vendors, car renters, supermarkets, stores, gas stations as well as regular and water taxi operators to provide a viable and convenient  card and mobile payment solution for everyone,” says SugaPay’s CEO, Brian Stuart-Young.   Stuart-Young says that “SugaPay also provides the opportunity to significantly reduce the cash circulating during the event in the surrounding area, which will definitely be a bonus when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of all attendees, whether visiting yachtsmen or residents.”

ATMs and SugaPay Customer Service booths will be in place in high profile and secured locations throughout the event to ensure cards can be topped up, and all transactions can then be completed very easily and securely using a phone or a SugaPay card and a PIN .

Regarding the involvement of SugaPay, Commercial Director of Antigua Sailing Week, Alison Sly-Adams, commented that “We are delighted to welcome SugaPay as a sponsor to Antigua Sailing Week.  SugaPay offers our sailors the convenience of cashless payments and provides a significant opportunity for our bar and restaurant partners, vendors and other businesses operating in the area, and indeed around Antigua, because the merchant percentage fee is significantly lower than branded card payments.   I would encourage every business to try out the SugaPay Merchant Service, especially as Visa and MasterCard transactions will eventually be processed via the SugaPay mobile terminal or Smart App, thus reducing your overall costs.”

SugaPay is encouraging pre-registration whereby sailors can sign up for the card prior to arrival in Antigua and pick their cards up as part of Antigua Sailing Week Registration.   Party goers will equally be able to pre-register for their cards and receive more information at www.sugapay.com.

Antigua Sailing Week takes place from April 26th to 2nd May, 2014. For more information visit www.sailingweek.com

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