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Easily Transfer/Accept Cash Value


This is an easy to use and cashless payment service, no matter where you keep or save your money.  SugaPay will support participating banks and credit unions to enable them to assist their clients to use SugaPay services.  It can be as simple as making certain bill payments at your bank. Using this process, you can also load a SugaPay card, or a bank branded SugaPay card, and use it across the growing SugaPay network of participating merchants and service providers.

Because the capture point for a SugaPay card can be as simple as the merchant attaching a small card reader to his/her mobile phone, SugaPay opens up opportunities for a number of smaller businesses (including but not limited to plumbers, builders, taxis, market or beach vendors, charity donations, church tithes  and more), to accept payments by card rather than cash. Employers such as contractors will also find it useful and safer to deliver their recurring payroll via the SugaPay payroll card. Contact us and we will assist you in enabling your bank, credit union or employer to issue and fund your SugaPay card.