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About Us

SugaPay is a payment system powered by Global Processing Centre, Ltd. (GPC), and is designed to work amongst a broader financial eco-system and payment architecture for the delivery and capture of payments.

The world of payments has been rapidly developing over the past decade, and it has been the telecoms sector and private companies that have largely led the investment, research and innovation required for the making and capturing of payment transactions. For far too long, financial institutions in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region, including the Eastern Caribbean, have had to settle for third party processor services that have been unable to offer banks, merchants and consumers the convenience and security of modern payment services. It is also often daunting for indigenous financial institutions to overcome the financial and resource barriers necessary to develop in-house processing – especially given the technical and compliance requirements of today’s market.   Global Processing Centre, Ltd. (GPC) has sought to remedy this by positioning itself as a bank neutral processor, providing a turnkey processing solution for all including financial institutions, and their merchants and service provider.

By integrating industry proven technologies and infrastructure with years of experience in the financial, operational, and compliance spaces, GPC stands poised to do just that.  The beneficial shareholder of GPC is the Antiguan Company, Executive Corporate Holding, Inc., incorporated since 2002, which is an investor in banking and technology services.